Marble is a wide-spread floor covering, which is used in places of intensive passage of people: shopping centers, offices, hotels. 


The noble appearance of marble requires special care for it: over time, the stone loses its shine, the surface entangles a network of scratches. Modern cleaning technologies - crystallization, polishing, grinding - allow the stone to be returned to its original appearance.


We offer services for the care of marble floors and surfaces of any size. 

A combination of modern technology, high-quality chemistry, and great experience gives excellent results. Our specialists will restore the former shine of marble coatings.


Polishing marble cleaning technology, using a mechanical process, the surface of marble with the help of machines is treated with special polishing powders and pastes.

Polishing marble is the final leveling of the working surface, it allows you to make the marble coating almost like a mirror.


Marble grinding is a cleaning technology using a mechanical process, the marble surface is treated with special grinding abrasives. Grinding marble allows you to align the overall level of marble slabs, return the stone to the original image and give it a shine.