To deliver the best carpet cleaning services in RAK, our field specialists will closely evaluate the material of your rug as well as the state of any existing rug stains to determine the best approach for the task. This will be discussed with you before the actual cleaning process. Once approved, we will test the process on a small section to see whether it produces the desired effect. A positive result will lead to its application on

the target areas, effectively eliminating any stains or spots on your carpet or rug. After the process is done, the carpet will be groomed, aerated, and dried.

Office carpet cleaning

The carpeting in offices and other places with high traffic is polluted more intensively than at home, and therefore their cleaning is a more complex and time-consuming procedure. For such cases, in addition to mechanical cleaning, deep cleansing is also used, which makes it possible to achieve the desired effect.


The carpet cleaning procedure in the office is carried out in several stages:

• We carry out preliminary work - we process stains

• Manually perform cleaning, using special solutions for carpet

• We perform the basic machining

• We finish the removal of dirt and chemical residues