Bn'B specializes in all aspects of post-construction cleaning and deep cleaning. Our staff of trained professionals has the experience to handle any size construction cleanup project. 

You can rely on Bn'B to remove dirt, dust, and debris that construction companies leave behind. Post-construction clean up requires special techniques to insure your dust does not return.

Bn'B post-construction and deep cleaning services include:

  • thorough vacuuming of all dusted surfaces. 

  • Clean all windows.

  • Remove all paint/glue/stickers from glass.

  • Clean all windowsills and frames.

  • Clean all bathtubs and tub surrounds, shower stalls, sinks, and toilets.

  • Clean doors, and frames.

  • vacuum and/or wash floors. 

  • steam clean the carpeted areas if required. 

  • Sanitize bathroom and all other required areas.

Our staff can handle any job, no matter the size. We offer our clients exceptional standards and guaranteed quality.